Personal Trainer Amber Maltagliati

In Home Personal Trainer Amber MaltagliatiHello everyone! My name is Amber Maltagliati.  I am an ISSA certified personal trainer and am currently working towards my major in Sport Management with a minor in Business Administration.  I have always had a passion for fitness but I never saw myself helping other people in their journey to achieve healthy lifestyles.

 However, certain unfortunate events came about that changed my perspective.  In 2006, my father discovered that he had an aneurism in his heart and had to undergo emergency open heart surgery.  Then in 2012, I tragically lost my uncle to a massive heart attack.  Both of these events were extremely hard for my family and I but it taught me a very valuable lesson in life.  I learned the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent cardiovascular diseases and other diseases that can be lessened or completely prevented through proper diet and exercise.  

I want to be able to share my knowledge to help educate and inform people about the importance of maintaining a healthy life.  They say knowledge is power so I feel that if I am able to spread my knowledge, I will have the power to help so many people.  As my career begins, I strive to make fitness fun for my clients.  I do not want people to see fitness as a chore but yet as a gift that they can give to their body.  I want them to be able to feel good about themselves, which all starts with the inside.  With teaching proper nutrition and exercise, I will strive to the make the world a healthier place, one person at a time.  

In Home Personal Trainer Amber Maltagliati

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