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New Jersey personal trainerGet fit with an in home personal trainer in Somerdale New Jersey. Our Somerdale, NJ personal trainers take the guesswork out of your personal training program!

Choosing an experienced, trust worthy in home personal trainer is a tough decision. But with Proteus Personal Training we take all the guesswork out of your decision. Working with one of our certified personal trainers will be the best decision you have ever made. Our personal trainers in Somerdale New Jersey will design and efficient and safe workout program to reach all of your fitness and weight loss goals. All of our personal training programs are designed for your specific individual needs and are offered for people of any fitness level. Our personal trainers in Somerdale work with people of all ages from teens to seniors. So if you have any specific fitness goals or weight loss goals contact one of our in home personal trainers in Somerdale to design and implement a workout program that will safely and effectively help you reach all of your individual goals!

Proteus Personal Training has personal trainers throughout all of Somerdale New Jersey! If you need a personal trainer in Somerdale contact us now for all your fitness needs. We only work with the best personal trainers in Somerdale that are insured, CPR certified, and either having a fitness certification or degree in exercise science or kinesiology. If we don’t have a personal trainer for your area in Somerdale we will find you one that is certified and insured.


New Jersey Personal TrainersOur personal trainers come to you whether it is a home, condo or apartment. Proteus personal trainers in Somerdale will also bring equipment with them that is needed to give you a complete and total body workout. Our personal trainers are dedicated to helping you achieve all of your fitness goals and get you in the best shape of your life!


Check out our personal trainers in Somerdale bios below!!

Personal Trainer Phil Nicolaou is a top personal trainer in NJ. As New Jersey’s top personal trainer, he has helped 100’s of clients reach their personal training goals!

Hi I’m Phil Nicolaou. Im a resident of Philadelphia. I have been in the industry for over a decade and have worked with many types of people ranging from college and professional athletes to every day people, seniors, young old and everyone in between.

I used to be in poor shape. At one point I was in the high risk category and was advised by my doctor to act now! Before all of that which occurred in college I was an MVP athlete in high school? Playing soccer, baseball and other sports.

How could a former athlete get so de-conditioned? Consuming excess of 3000 calories and burning zero in college. After getting the news from my doctor I decided to act on it. I had researched various personal training schools and got my certification. I landed my first job in a health club and never looked back.

I have since obtained master personal trainer certifications from 4 of the top certifying bodies in the country. NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association), IFPA (International Fitness Professionals Association) and NESTA (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association). In addition to competing doctoral studies in fitness training and medical fitness. I do know how it is to get over fat and to lose it. I can relate. Whether you suffer from hypertension, lower back pain, arthritis or any other type of ailment, I am well positioned to help you. I also have taken several nutrition courses so I can guide you there.

My Master Fitness Trainer Certification through ISSA, IFPA,NASM (CES , PES) NESTA makes me one of the few quad certified Master Trainers in the United States. These certifications put me among the top 1/10th of 1% of all certified trainers in the U.S. according to the NCCA (the accrediting agency of all training certfications).” So rest assured that you will be working with a top notch trainer who wants to see you get to your goals!

In addition to all of this I offer wellness coaching and food psychology coaching. This allows me to dive into your personality to see what works and what I can do with your help to make you a success. It goes beyond just program designed.

Let me be your guide to an healthier lifestyle!

I look forward to helping you!

Phil Nicolaou. PhD. NASM, IFPA, ISSA, NESTA Master Trainer.

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Carol contacted me via my website in July of 2010. Her goals were to drop some pounds, feel younger and more energetic. She had worked with a trainer before but had stopped. (FYI: As of May 2011, 25 pounds of weight is gone!)

I told Carol we can achieve her goals in a matter of weeks. I took her through a simple assessment, testing her flexibility, taking her girth measurements, body fat, upper and lower body endurance and balance. She was already active, doing work around the house and what not.

I started her on a circuit type of weight training program. Keeping her heart rate elevated for the duration of our 30 minute session. The exercises varied, incorporating balance exercises, compound movements, supersets, and a lot of core conditioning.

She also followed a sensible nutrition program consisting of whole foods, plenty of fruits and vegetables and fiber!

As soon as we started to workout, within just a few sessions she noticed her weight started to drop and her clothing becoming more loose.

She took her measurements and after weeks of training with me, and eating well, she lost several inches off of her thighs, chest, waist and dropped over 25 pounds.

Her total inches lost were lost 6″ in hips, 3 1/2″ waist, 3″ thighs, and 1″ chest

To quote her “I’m so happy to be back to “normal”. You have been a major part of my transformation. So thank you for pushing me. :))) “


garyI hired Phil 5 months ago to help me lose fat and be healthier; he did just that, and more. Phil has been great to work with and very motivational.

I made the decision that I was going to get in shape at 29 in order to start leading a healthier lifestyle before I turned 30. This was due in part to my being overweight, as well as heart disease on both sides of my family. I knew the new lifestyle would include working out and eating healthier. At the same time, I didn’t want to miss out on life. I didn’t want to be on a diet, or completely cut out alcohol or eating out. I thought this was a pretty tall order when I was on the outside looking in. With Phil’s guidance, I found out that it’s not only possible, but it’s much easier than I’d ever thought it would be. Phil is not just a personal trainer and nutritionist, he’s a great teacher. I feel he has not only taught me how to work out, and why I’m doing certain things at the gym, but also how to make decisions everyday that guarantee success. This is what I believe will be key in keeping the weight off, and staying healthy!

Now a little about my results:

I went to the doctor a week before I started working with Phil. I was 5′ 10″ and 250 lbs. I got my blood work back and the doctor told me I was a candidate for cholesterol medication because my triglycerides were at 220, my LDL (Bad) Cholesterol was at 205, and my HDL (Good) Cholesterol was at 68. That is considered extremely high cholesterol, and is scary news for a 29 year old with a family history of heart disease. After working with Phil for the first 6 weeks, I went back to the doctor and my cholesterol had been cut nearly in half. My Triglycerides were at 105, my LDL Cholesterol was at 110, and my HDL was at 65. My weight was 226! My doctor was extremely impressed and let me know that she’d never seen such a fast turnaround in cholesterol numbers. No cholesterol medication for me! My doctor attributed my new cholesterol numbers to my weight loss, new eating habits, and exercise. Surprise Surprise right? She basically sent me out of the office with a huge smile on her face and these words; “I got nothing to say except great job, and keep doing what you’re doing”. She had also re-iterated that Phil’s plan for me was the healthy way to lose weight, and was very impressed with my results and the plan Phil had put together for me.

Fast forward another 3 1/2 months and I now weigh 188 lbs! So far 62 lbs lost in 5 months. Over time I’ve come to find that my weight on the scale is not very important to me, what I was really looking to lower was my body fat percentage. I mean, losing weight is a great thing, but the way I feel and look now, and the things I’m able to do are much more rewarding than any number on a scale can measure.

When I started working with Phil, my body fat percentage was 40%, and now I’m at 23%. I went from a size 38 waist to a size 32 waist, XXL shirts, to fitted large shirts. Again, keep in mind that this all has taken place in 5 months. I look better and feel great, and love going to the gym, which I never thought would happen. I continue to work with Phil and have recently set a new goal. When I started with Phil, my goal was to lose 40 lbs. I’ve surpassed that goal and my new goal is to get below 15% body fat. I don’t care what I weigh when I get there. Phil has completely re-vamped my workout routine to accommodate my new goal, and continues to motivate me just like he did day one. We’re already talking about my next goal once I get below 15% body fat.

To anyone sitting down reading this, I was in your shoes, and it’s not as hard as you think. You’ll see results faster than most would expect, and you’ll feel results even faster. Phil doesn’t throw you in the deep end, he steps you up in exercise gradually, one day you’ll think back at where you were and smile at how easy it was to get where you’re at. It’ll make you wonder why you waited so long to get started in the first place. At least that’s how it is for me. I was a huge pessimist about getting fit! I thought I was so far gone that it was gonna take me years of hard work and dieting to get below 200, but I proved myself wrong, with Phil’s help of course. 68 lbs lost in 5 months. The biggest favor I did for myself was hiring Phil, and listening to exactly what he was telling me, be it nutrition or exercise.

I have never been on a “diet” with Phil; I just learned to eat correctly. Don’t let the cardboard tasting diet frozen dinners scare you away, because you’re not going to eat them anyway. Phil had me eating more than I was before, so he isn’t going to starve you either. I highly recommend Phil to anyone, he’s very motivational, knowledgeable, and truly cares about you’re seeing results!

One last thing to add, Phil is not one of those drill instructors either. He has very kind and positive ways of getting you to push out just a couple more reps. I have recommended Phil to anyone that asks me how I lost all the weight, including my friends and family. I have no hesitation in recommending him to you!


“Phil has been my personal trainer for 2 months, coming out to my home twice a week. Prior to meeting him I was a sedentary 57 year old woman who had worked out with personal trainers years before when I had joined gyms.

Unlike the other personal trainers I’d worked with, Phil really listens and creates interesting and varied workouts that challenge me without overtaxing my abilities. Gradually, I’m becoming more fit and have more energy. The other thing that I appreciate about him is that he follows up with me on a regular basis to find out how I’m doing and to gently and with humor encourage me to do my cardio in-between visits.”

Susan S.

“You are a superior trainer because of your dedication to each and every individual you work with. You knowledge and expertise through experience and our courses has made you one of the elite trainers, far surpassing any other trainer in your field. We are honored to have you part of the IFPA team!”

Dr. James T. Bell, IFPA President

“I’ve met with many trainers and you were the only one that listened to my needs and put together a program that helped me deal with my herniated disk so much, the workout impressed my chiropractor. You are the best I’ve worked with!” *I helped this individual so much that she was kind enough to give me a thank you card with a $50 gift card to a local restaurant.”

Paula C.

“I give you a solid 10 out of 10. You showed me the correct form for each exercise and pushed me so hard that I reached levels I never thought I could.”

Nancy F.

“You are caring, patient and fun to work with. You are a great trainer. If it wasn’t for you, my heart surgery recovery would not have been so fast. In fact the strength I gained from working with you prior to my surgery accelerated my recovery so much, my physical therapist was impressed!”

Terry J.

“You are naturally talented in working with people and fitness.”

Maryann A.

“You helped me a ton, I passed my law enforcement physical entry exam.”

Kevin M.

“I’ve gotten stronger and am able to feel it throughout my day, thank you!”

Donna J.

“Your diet and exercise prescription is really practical. It takes some getting used to, but is not brain science. Its really practical for me to do considering I work a lot!”

Margaret M.


Contact Information:

Phone: 610-574-3587

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