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Get fit with an in home personal trainer in Estero Florida. Our Estero, FL personal trainers take the guesswork out of your personal training program!


In Home Personal Trainer Estero FLChoosing an experienced, trust worthy in home personal trainer is a tough decision, but with Proteus In Home Personal Training we take the guesswork out of this process. Working with one of our certified personal trainers is convenient, easy, and a great step towards a healthier life. Our personal trainers in Estero Florida will design an efficient and safe workout program to help you reach all of your fitness and weight loss goals. All of our personal training programs are designed to fit the individual needs of our clients, and they are intended for individuals of any fitness level. Our personal trainers in Estero work with clients of all ages from teens to seniors, and have expertise in strength training and nutrition. There is no better time to get started! Contact us today to begin you fitness journey and start achieving your weight loss goals.

Proteus In Home Personal Training has personal trainers throughout all of Estero Florida! If you need a personal trainer in Estero contact us now for all your fitness needs. We only work with the best personal trainers in Estero that are insured, CPR certified, and have either a fitness certification or degree in exercise science or kinesiology. If we don’t have a personal trainer available in the Estero area, we will find one nearby that is certified, insured, and has passed rigorous background checks.

Personal Trainer Estero FLOur personal trainers come directly to you, whether it is a home, condo or apartment. Proteus personal trainers bring any equipment necessary straight to your home, to give you a complete and total body workout possible. Our personal trainers are dedicated to helping you achieve all of your fitness goals and get you in the best shape of your life!

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Kari DiPaolo is a top personal trainer in Estero, FL. As one of Florida’s top personal trainers, she has helped hundreds of clients reach their personal training goals!

Kari has been in the fitness industry for 13 years helping people look and feel great. Kari is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and she is excited to help you reach all of your fitness goals.
Kari’s passion for fitness started early in life, as she was an accomplished and awarding winning gymnast through grade school and high school. In her senior year of high school, Kari found a new passion for cheerleading and continued her love for the sport throughout her college career at Wingate University.
Upon college graduation, Kari began using her knowledge and passion about fitness to help others achieve their optimal health. Whether you need to lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds, Kari can help you get there. Kari’s programs focus on proper nutrition, weight and resistance training, and proper cardio training. Kari does one-on-one training, couples training, small group and large group training. She is also available for bootcamp and kickboxing classes.
If you are ready to make the next step to change your life, call Kari today at 203-913-9427 or email. And always remember, the only workout you will regret is the one you did not do! What are you waiting for?
Personal Trainer Kari DiPaolo Testimonials:

In Home Personal Training I remember my fat butt weighing 329 lbs, driving by the gym to get something to eat. In a three year span, I was only at the gym a total of 60 times! I felt like crap. Here I am a former 6’4, 254 lbs athlete in my prime weighing 329 lbs. I thought I was “Mr. Know it All” at the gym. But soon enough working out was the last thing I did at the gym. I would go in, walk on the treadmill for about 5 minutes, get a shake, and go home convincing myself that I had worked out. I felt horrible, my breathing wasn’t right, and I wouldn’t walk anywhere because within 10 paces I would be breathless. Like many people I would walk by the before and after pictures of people telling myself that this was all a joke and that they probably took those pictures out of a magazine or something. When I finally got my fat butt to the gym on a consistent level I ran into Kari who walked me over to an easel board with a before and after picture of a client that she was training. I said, NO WAY.” So she asked me if I wanted to meet with her and I said yes. When I saw this person I said to Kari, “Where do I sign?” because I was completely amazed. I had a completely different view on the way training with a professional was. Let me be the first to tell you that from day one, Kari has motivated and inspired me to push myself (with her assistance), to accomplish any of the goals she set in my path. Without her I would probably still be coming to the gym 60 times in a 3 year period. I look at Kari as a body sculptor who chisels away the body fat. She has helped me to look at coming to the gym more as a journey of accomplishments rather than a job. Working with Kari I am now down to 275 lbs, and I have more energy than I did back in high school. I feel much better with my breathing, my eating, and my ability to work out on my own. I remember telling Kari I just wanted to get in shape and feel good. Now I am feeling good and looking good and I think of that as a bonus. I would like to thank Kari for her moral support, her motivation, and her encouragement. I appreciate everything she has helped me to accomplish so far. Like me, everyone should stay tuned because I know she isn’t done yet! I love you Kari!
When Angel started training with Kari he weighed 329 pounds and was 36.5% body fat! In a short time, and with hard work, dedication, and the right program, Angel has already lost 52 pounds, 7% body fat and 15 inches total!! Angel is still working towards his goal, but is currently 279 pounds and 28% body fat. Great job Angel keep it up!! – Angel G.


Yep, it was the beginning of May when I began to notice my new habit…. It seems that when I get up in the A.M. these days and peer at my reflection, it’s not my morning face that grabs me. My attention has drifted somewhat south. A smile picks up the corners of my mouth as I involuntarily move my anterior and medial deltoids. Kari, my relentless trainer has just pronounced them as cut. In January I had no deltoids! Unfortunately, this insidious habit is not stopping at the shoulders. Some automatic flexing of the biceps/triceps area has begun. This morning I am ashamed to admit I took a small round mirror turned around and looked to see what was happening to my back. I’m seeing some rhomboids and…… What’s that V? And that indentation to my hip-line! Kari says she has created a monster. But then there is Boot Camp on Tuesday’s at 9:30am to bring smarty pants back to earth.
Betsy LOST over 6% Body Fat and GAINED over 6 pounds of muscle. Great Job! – Betsy S.


In Home Personal TrainersI’ve always made going to the gym a priority but until I met Kari, I didn’t realize the importance or proper exercise technique and good nutrition. Kari helped improve my technique and built up my endurance resulting in increased lean muscle mass and body fat loss. She continues to keep my routines fresh and motivates me to always work harder.
Prior to working with Kari, I had poor eating habits, which sabotaged my own fitness efforts. Kari stresses the importance of good nutrition and has helped me understand how it affects the way my body looks and feels.
Thanks Kari – – you’re the best!! – Tony P.


Personal TrainersWhen Rosemary started training with Kari she weighed 185 pounds, was 35.5% body fat, and wore a size 18 dress. Rosemary is currently at 148 pounds, 25.5% body fat and is in a size 12. So far she has lost 37 pounds, 10% body fat, and 26.5 inches total!!
Rosemary is so dedicated to reaching her goals and I am going to be sure that I do everything I can in order to get her there! Great job Rosemary! Keep up the good work! – Rosemary C.


In Home Personal TrainingWhen Lori started with Kari, she weighed 154 pounds and was 34% body fat. Through her hard work and determination she was able to drop her body fat down to 23% and her weight to 119 pounds! Lori also lost over 20 inches!!! Through proper nutrition, weight training, and cardio, Lori was able to change her lifestyle and her body. Great job Lori!! Keep it up!! – Lori D.


Personal Trainer My personal trainer Kari gave me the motivation and encouragement I needed to reach my goal. In addition Kari taught me about the importance of nutrition and how it plays a key part in reaching ones goal. Most importantly Kari helped create a game plan for me that balanced my Nutrition, Supplementation, Weight Training, and Cardio Training. Thanks Kari, for all your help. – Leigh P.


Since day one my trainer Kari has provided me with unrelenting inspiration to achieve my goals. When I first started training I had no idea what I was doing. Kari has taught me a great deal about fitness and nutrition. There were many instances in which I thought I could not attain my goals. Kari’s positive energy always rubbed off on me while I was training and she helped me to believe in myself. I can honestly say that hiring Kari as my personal trainer was one of the best things I ever did. I feel better than I ever have before. My confidence is at an all time high, my health is nearly impeccable, and I am in the best shape of my life. Because of Kari I have developed a newfound passion for fitness, which I intend to pursue as a career. Thank you Kari for being the best trainer ever, I couldn’t have done it without you! – Jessica C.


So I finally got my fat butt to the gym with some encouragement from a friend. “It’s good for you, it will make you feel healthy!!” We have all heard that BS before. So when I arrive, I look around, some people are sweating, some are socializing, and I say to myself, “which group am I going to fall into”? I am fat and disgusted with the way I look and figure it’s a 50/50 chance that I’ll never see this place after next week. What to do? I drag some old shorts and a sweatshirt figuring I am on my way. I fight my way through the men in the locker room and reluctantly step on the gym floor. The machines are impressive and most people actually look good! I am LOST! I need a spark, some inspiration. Then I get lucky! I am introduced to an energetic sweetheart named Kari. She will be my trainer. She is all business with a sweet touch. When I need discipline Kari is there. When I need to focus on the task at hand, Kari is there. Kari has been the best influence on my physical well being in the past 25 years and I thank her for that. So at this moment I am in the middle of getting a fat over weight forty-five year old body back in shape with the hope of being one of Kari’s before and after pictures. Maybe I should just be happy with the water bottle she gave me with “I survived training with Kari” on it. So to my beautiful friend Kari, thank you so much for caring and helping me get to a better place both physically and mentally. – Mike R.


Over the past five years, I have trained with several personal trainers and I can say without question that Kari has been the best. I have the pleasure of working with her over the past six months and I have been extremely satisfied with my results. Since I have been working with her I have come to realize that some of the other so called trainers were nothing more than “glorified spotters”.
Kari is able to combine her knowledge of training with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and caring for the people that she trains. Each workout she motivates you to achieve more than you thought you possibly could. She will accept nothing less than perfect form and your best effort. She is tough but it is definitely for your own good. If you are committed to reaching your goals, she is the trainer you want to hire. – Scott A. Hodes, DC Chiropractor Physician


When you stop working out for whatever reason, it is never easy dragging your sorry out-of-shape self back. I mean it’s really hard. You’ve lost your muscle tone and you’ve gained weight. You feel helpless. Enter stage left, Kari, wearing her cute Brazil-Sul outfits with matching accessories. She is confident, enthusiastic, and she’s ready to whip you back into shape.
She’s bouncing from this machine to the next. Kari demonstrates the exercise and makes it look easy. You get on in an attempt to do what Kari did effortlessly, only to find it’s not as easy as it looks. And so it begins. Your personal journey into fitness with your personal trainer, Kari. Kari keeps you motivated even when your entire body feels like playdoh. “It will not always feel like play-doh”, she says, “wait and see”. Sure enough, my body began to wake up. Suddenly I was able to identify muscles I hadn’t seen in a while. Biceps, glutes, and oh my god are those my abs? Where the heck have you been? A friend of mine hugged me the other day and told me he loved my back muscles. Who knew?
So you start working out with Kari three days a week. The inches start coming off and your feeling BETTER. Kari monitors your diet and energy level, and makes whatever changes are necessary. Every workout is a test. It’s also something new, so forget trying to impress her with your new found strength or technique, because she will always ask you to do something different. Annoying? YES! But she is pushing so you reach your goals. So if your looking for a slouch trainer, who isn’t paying attention to what you are doing, Kari is not for you. But if you are looking to get in shape and become the best you can be. Well then, Kari’s your personal trainer.
Sometimes when I workout by myself, I close my eyes. As I am counting each rep and breathing, I can hear her voice, “Shoulders down, abs in, feet straight…GOOD…Shoulders DOWN…that’s good”. It’s funny, when I first started working out, I couldn’t tell you if my shoulders were up, down, or in the ladies room. Now I know where they are and if I forget, Kari always reminds me. – Catherine F.

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